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UNICEF Australia approached Think Property CRE Solutions with a difficult brief - but unfortunately not an unusual one.

UNICEF had taken on a sub-lease in Sydney's CBD which had a 5 year option subsequent to the first 2 year term and the rental for the sub-lease was particularly attractive. They had spent some considerable monies on fitout upgrades and then were made aware that the Head Lessee was not going to take up their option for the final 5 year term - meaning UNICEF would not have the ability to take up their option at all and would have to renegotiate new terms.

Think Property CRE Solutions provided research on the CBD market that demonstrated that the rental ask for a new lease would be nearly double what they had been paying - as a charity this could not be feasible. We neotiated in good faith with the Lessor on behalf of UNICEF - and while they were willing to make some concessions, the gap between affordability and reality was too great.

Think Property CRE Solutions developed a brief outlining UNICEF's requirements and took it to market anonymously. We managed to secure a new site of some 600sqm on an eight year term that fitted under their existing rental structure - effectively saving considerable cash reserves that could now be redirected to their charitable use.

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