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Full floor "refresh"

12 months out from BASF Australia's option expiry, BASF decided that they wanted Think Property CRE Solutions to review the Melbourne 'A' grade office market and in parallel, negotiate with their current Lessor to understand their view on what it would take to retain BASF.

We negotiated renewal terms that saw a significant incentive to remain in their corporate head office location which provided substantial rental abatement for the balance of the term as well as negating their make good obligation. In addition, part of the incentive was to be used to undertake a refresh of their office facilities.

Think Property CRE Solutions tendered a scope of works including new meeting rooms, a collaboration space as well as new sit-stand workstations and other loose furniture. We also included a full recarpet of the 1,785sqm tenancy with all of the furniture in place, as well as a complete repaint.

These works were able to be delivered without interruption to the operation and on budget to lift the feel of the tenancy - all to BASF's complete satisfaction.

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